新聞週報 Weekly Diary, No. 362 (25 – 31 July 2009) The Shan: Refugees without a camp. Weekly Diary, No. 362 (25 – 31 July 2009) Monday, 03 August 2009 15:59 SUU KYI VERDICT PUT ON ICE! ‘BURN ALL’ CAMPAIGN IN SOUTHERN SHAN STATE! SALWEEN DAM PROJECT ADOPTED BY ASEAN! NEW BOOK ON SHAN! CartoonTips for the Senior General Think Piece The biggest sanction on Burma is the Burmese regime itself.Sean Turnell, Mcquarie University, Australia, Irrawaddy, 31 July 2009--------------------------------------------------------------------------------The World1 August 2009Former Filipino President Carazon Aquino, 76, passes away. (Agencies)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------International Relations23 July 2009Saw Hsar Gay, Karen “deputy foreign minister, meets Spain’s foreign ministry officials in Madrid. Spain will be the European Union’s 2010 president. (SHAN) 26 July 2009Myanmar Ahlin daily says what US Secretary 售屋網of State said to Asean “amounts to interfering in the affairs of the Asean.” (AP) 27 July 2009Amnesty Secretary-General Irene Khan says Aung San Suu Kyi has been named recipient of Amnesty International’s highest honor, the Ambassador of Conscience Award. (AP) 28 July 2009Humanitarian response for Nargis went fairly well, says a Rangoon-based UN official. “It is the early recovery and reconstruction which from a Shelter perspective has been very weak.” It has yet to go beyond tarpaulins and ropes. “Everyone has done something, but no one has done enough.” (Financial Times) 28 July 2009Dr Sean Turnell, Associate Professor at Macquarie University in Sydney, says farmers in the delta are facing severe shortage of funds eventually threatening shortage in food production. UN Economic and Social Commission for Asia and the Pacific (ESCAP)’s Dr Noeleen Heyzer meanwhile says agricultural credit shoul 術後面膜d be made available to the farmers. (Mizzima) 28 July 2009US President Barack Obama extends sanctions against Burma for 3 more years, starting August. (AFP) 29 July 2009UN chief Ban Ki-moon says in a news conference the world wants Aung San Suu Kyi free and that by sentencing her, the junta will miss another opportunity to engage the international community. (Irrawaddy)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Thai-Burma Relations28 July 2009PM Abhisit Vejjajiva has put off his 31 July visit as his Burmese counterpart Thein Sein had asked for a postponement, according to spokesman Panitan Wattanayagorn. “Thein Sein will be engaged in an important business – the verdict on Suu Kyi,” he says. (AFP)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Politics/ Inside Burma28 July 2009The Ministry of Information has begun emailing newsletters to exile a 室內裝潢ctivists and journalists through its website Kyemon online newspaper. (DVB) 28 July 2009KIO’s demands, according to Dr Tuja: Power sharing in the new Kachin State government Separate Kachin Regional Guard Force at the brigade level Civilian local Guard Force under the KIA (Kachin News Group) 29 July 2009Kachin church leaders urge regional commander Soe Win to accept demands of KIO. (Kachin News Group) 30 July 2009According to sources close to Naypyitaw, Than Shwe has rejected the KIO’s demands because the country’s new constitution cannot be amended. (Kachin News Group) 30 July 2009Nyi Nyi Htwe, an opposition lawyer, whose bar license has been revoked since he was sentenced to a six-month prison on 30 October 2008 on charges of ‘contempt of court’, says he is finding it difficult to eke out a living as he is still being hounded by authorities. (Mizzima) 31 July 200928 NLD members detained between midnight and 01:00. (AAPPB) Au 酒店經紀ng San Suu Kyi’s trial24 July 2009 Suu Kyi, speaking to hear lawyer Nyan Win, says without national reconciliation, next year’s elections will not be credited as legitimate. (DVB) 27 July 2009Trial of Suu Kyi suspended for the second time and will resume tomorrow. Six diplomats attend today’s hearings. (DVB) Closing arguments for other defendants: two housemaids and John Yettaw also read out today. (Reuters) 28 July 2009Defense lawyer Nyan Win says the Insein prison court will be delivering the verdict on Friday, 31 July. (AFP) Suu Kyi meanwhile insists the proceedings will show “whether or not the rule of law exists in the country.” (Irrawaddy) 30 July 2009In response to announcement in the “Mirror” daily stating that a plot of land in the compound of Suu Kyi’s house has been sold, he has sent a letter opposing it, says her lawyer Nyan Win. (Mizzima) 31 July 2009John le Carre and biographies of Winston Churchill are among the books tha 租屋t Aung San Suu Kyi is assembling in expectation of a long prison sentence. (Times of London) 31 July 2009Suu Kyi’s verdict postponed to 11 August. (The Nation)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Shans/ Shan State27 July 2009Bernice Johnson, an English teacher, publishes The Shan: Refugees without a camp, a mix of memoir, travelogue and history. It is available at Amazon.com. “Ms Johnson makes helping others sound like a joyful event,” says a reader. (SHAN) 30 July 2009Beginning 27 July, junta units have been on a punitive campaign against villages in Laikha in retaliation the Shan State Army attacks on them. At least 200 houses in 3 villages alone have been burned. (SHAN)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Economy/ Business27 July 2009Import of Chinese goods has been banned after the director of Border Trade Authority lodged complaints against his subordinates at the beg 裝潢inning of this month. Border trade has been taking a beating since. (Mizzima) 28 July 2009Countries cooperating with Burma in the energy sector: Australia Britain Canada China India Indonesia Malaysia Russia Singapore South Korea Thailand Vietnam Investment has reached $ 3.398 billion, second to electrical power. (Xinhua) 28 July 2009Ministers attending Asean Ministers of Energy Meeting (AMEM) today in Mandalay will enjoy increased power supply 5-10 hours per day while Rangoon is experiencing daily blackouts. Yet the regime is steaming ahead with plans to export even more energy resources to hits neighbors. (Burma Rivers Network, Shwe Gas Movement, Ethnic Community Development Forum) 29 July 2009Chinese travelers, wanting to visit Burma through border entry points must get prior approval of the Chief of Staff (Army) Office as of 16 July. The restriction is because of visits by Chinese tourists to restricted areas like Phakant jade mines and the gold mines, according to a perso 信用卡代償n close to Chinese traders. (Mizzima) 29 July 2009Prices of onions have doubled in a month since 2006: High quality K 650 ($0.65) to K 13,000 ($1.3) Low quality K 300 ($0.3) to K 800 ($0.8) The ministry of commerce and trade is toying with the idea of importing them from India and China. (Mizzima)29-30 July 2009Thailand discusses the progress of Hutgyi and Tasang hydropower dam projects in Asean + 3 energy meeting in Mandalay. (Irrawaddy) 30 July 200927th Asean Ministers of Energy Meeting (AMEM) ends in Mandalay. The adopted plan of action includes the hydropower dams on the Salween. Thai energy minister Wannarat Channukul also held talks with junta officials on the Hut Gyi dam with an estimated capacity of up to 1,000 megawatts. (Bangkok Post) 30 July 2009China National Petroleum Corporation (CNPC) that is spending $ 1.5 billion to use Burma as a conduit for oil shipments from the Middle East is also investing in a $ 10 billion refinery in Malaysia as a backup. 房屋貸款(Irrawaddy) 31 July 2009Tour agencies have been directed by the ministry of hotels and tourism to check tourists applying for visa with the list of people banned from entering the country, Ohn Myint, Deputy Director, tells Mizzima. (Mizzima)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Human Rights21-28 July 2009A 3 year old boy Phon aka Abdullah held for a week by Thai immigration after police seized him in a Samut Prakan market. He was released after his mother Momo was able to prove that she had a valid work permit and a birth certificate was obtained for him. The case was facilitated by the Lawyers Council and Stateless Watch for Research and Development Institute of Thailand (SWIT). (Bangkok Post/Swit) 29 July 2009Tribal youths including Khami, Mro and Chin, are being recruited by providing incentives such as K100,000 ($100) each a well as food supplies to the family of the youth. (Narinjara)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------E 居酒屋nvironment27 July 2009An outbreak of dengue fever in Myitkyina has claimed several lives. More than 120 children alone are being treated. (Irrawaddy) 30 July 2009Burmese authorities confirm 10th case of the H1N1 flu. (DVB)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------Drugs31 July 2009Pornthep Iewprapai, head of the northern sector of the Office of Narcotics Control Board (ONCB), says officials are checking reports about Chen Tafa aka Ah Fa, 46, who is believed to be hiding in Ban Arunothai, Chiangdao district. He took flight after Burmese authorities seized more than 750 kg of heroin in Tachilek. (Bangkok Post)--------------------------------------------------------------------------------War29 July 2009Bangladesh delegation led by retired Commodore Khurshed Alam, arrives in Naypyitaw to discuss territorial dispute between the two countries. (Irrawaddy) http://www.shanland.org/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=2668:weekly-diary-no-362-25-31-july-2009-&catid=weekly-diary&Ite 住商房屋mid=271  .
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